From Our Clients

Testimonials for Community Management Services in Raleigh-Durham and surrounding NC areas

“The single word I would use to describe doing business with them is TRUST.”
–Duncan, HOA Treasurer

“They are proactive and keep us running about a season ahead. That’s important. Things are not left to the last minute.”
–Anne, HOA President

“They consistently provide outstanding service, valuable experience and helpful advice.”
Barley, HOA President

“I can’t recall a time the manager did not answer her cell phone; she is always available when I need to speak with her.”
–Dave, Pool Management Owner

“I constantly get compliments from homeowners on how professional they are.”
– Wayland, HOA President

“They are masterful at keeping the tone conversational when talking with homeowners. Even when a homeowner may not like the end result, they leave the interaction knowing they’ve been dealt with in a professional, respectful, courteous manner. “
–Richard, HOA President

“Our manager seems to always find a way to anticipate our needs and the needs of residents.”
–Anne, Community Developer

“Not a week goes by that I don’t run into someone in the neigbhorhood commending me and the other board members for hiring PPM.  It’s hard to quantify the many things that they do so much better than other companies.  From vendor management, to just the hands on attention that our community sees, it’s a night and day difference.”
–Braxton, HOA Treasurer

“They don’t tell us how to run our neighborhood; they guide the process that runs our neighborhood.”
–Clayton, HOA Board Member

“They got us a solution to a problem that would not have been available without them.”
– Gary, HOA President

“I tell all my clients they can feel good about purchasing a home in a community managed by PPM; they are the best in the business.”
– Claudia, Real Estate Agent

“Their statements are of the highest quailty for an HOA management company that I’ve seen.”
– Tom, HOA Treasurer

“PPM has allowed me to be a better leader of our HOA and our community continues to reap the benefits of our relationship.”
– Marjorie, HOA President

“I’m familiar with over 300 management companies across the state.  PPM is what I consider the top tier of management companies offering excellent services.  Their community managers have industry credentials that I consider essential.”
– Jim, HOA President

 ”On behalf of the board members, I’d like to thank you for all of the work you’ve done to help make this relationship work.  Your professionalism, calm, and willingness to share experiences from other such HOA’s has been invaluable and has been a key reason for the confidence that the current board has going forward with PPM.”
– Rick, HOA President

  ”I’ve always known that if PPM is involved in an HOA that I can trust in your stewardship and that the job will run correctly.  In the few times I’ve bought a deal that had your competitors at the helm, I can tell you that it’s the absolute opposite.”
– Richard, Community Developer


We proudly offer community management services to homeowner associations in Wake and Durham County, and surrounding NC areas. Please contact us today for more information on our HOA management and developer services.


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